Chad & April Boddie Revisit Their Vows

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To Have

April Boddie describes her husband Chad as big, strong, and soft.

To Hold

When she is in his arms she feels secure, loved, and like one giant woosah.”


For Better or Worse

Something that the Boddies would benefit from doing better in their marriage is being intentional about getting away together as a couple. The Boddies consider the years they were separated the worst years of their marriage. April believes that anytime you try to go against God it’s a fight. You can either choose to fight for your marriage or fight against God. She highly recommends that you fight for your marriage.



For Richer or Poorer

Mr. & Mrs. Boddie consider their marriage rich in long-suffering. In their 12 years of marriage, they have noticed that if poor communication is present everything dies when you don’t feed it with words.


Through Sickness and in Health

When April had back surgery her husband bathed her, fed her, came home every lunch break to check on her, he walked beside her when she could not walk. The way the Boddies maintain the health of their marriage is by spending time talking, praying, and serving together.


To Love and To Cherish

Before Mrs. Boddie got married she admired perfect love. Now that she is married she admires imperfect love. Mr. Boddie cherishes his wife by cooking for her, cleaning the house, and never making her feel bad when she is too tired from working to do all of the above.


Til Death Do Us Part

When asked to talk about how death makes her appreciate her spouse April responded with “it’s too painful of a subject to fathom.”

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Something Old Something New

When asked to share some old school advice Chad says his uncle Ronnie advised him to always play footsies with his wife. Chad’s new school advice is to always support your wife in whatever she does. His borrowed advice is “happy wife happy life.”

Something Borrowed Something Blue

Chad suggests that husbands always make time for a date night. April would like for her husband to answer the question, “how do you really like my hair?” Chad’s question for his bride is, “what can I do to keep our love going strong?” If the Boddies had the chance to do it all over again the one thing they would do differently is have a wedding.

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