A War Within My Wardrobe

Is there a war within your wardrobe?

There is definitely one in mine.

My clothes lack harmony,

Like poetic words that do not rhyme.

My shoes are clanging symbols.

My outfits are sounding gongs.

They insult each other like children,

Who refuse to get along.

How do I create peace?

How should I react?

Do I sort and separate?

Or keep my clothes intact?

The thrift store sounds appealing.

Donations bring me peace.

But once I reach the store,

Will my striving cease?

Or will I find more soldiers,

To enlist within my war?

Mission field or battle field?

Is the question I implore.


Beauty is borrowed, and someday we have to give it back. My favorite feature is my eyes, and I can’t take credit for them because they are my Daddy’s eyes. Most of my favorite clothes are from my aunt, sister, friend, or local thrift store. When my make up is on point, it is because of a tip that I learned from someone else. Many of my favorite hairstyles have been a reflection of someone elses creativity. When I receive a compliment I am humbled because I really can not take the credit.

Many people who are admired for their beauty have a team of people who style them to create unique looks. I think that we hinder ourselves when we try to do things all by ourselves. What is so beautiful about ballet, orchestras, or football teams? Their collaboration. It is what we marvel at when we cheer or give a round of applause.

Although fashion is about being unique, borrowed beauty has become my favorite. It is a blessing that makes one rich, and adds no sorrow to all parties involved. If someone compliments my necklace and I place it around their neck, it brings me just as much joy as it does them, perhaps even more. If someone gives me an outfit, it may go out of style, but the love I feel from their generosity will increase in value over time.

My friends are all very eclectic. We share very similar taste in clothes. There are times in which I will buy something for me, but deep within I know it is more for my friend. When they compliment it or come to visit I can’t wait to find a creative way to give it to them. Our husbands think it’s funny when we talk about “The Community Skirt.” It fits every shape and style. We have all worn it in different ways, and we mutually get excited when someone else takes a turn.

The only time beauty loses its balance is when I hold on to items when it is time to let go. When something has served its purpose, it is healthy to release it. Perhaps a blazer made you happy, but it no longer brings you joy. It is essential to pay it forward, or you may become guilty of withholding good.

Each time a friend with similar taste comes to visit, I search for something in my closet to give away. It is a system of paying it forward, but it also prepares me to receive. We are blessed to be a blessing. If we hoard what is meant for someone else, we block what is intended for us, and miss out on the beauty found in exchange.

I once invited my friends to collect items that no longer brought them joy. I transformed my living room into a boutique, and we all shopped for free. In the end, we donated four storage bags, and nine pairs of shoes to our local thrift store. It was a wonderful win for us all, and it brings us joy until this day. We often complement one another without noticing an item that was once our own. It makes fashion so much fun, and conquers the war within our wardrobe.

What are some creative ways in which you would combat a war within your wardrobe?


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