Witness Protection Program

Victory in Defeat

We all love a good underdog story until we are being cast into the role of the main character. It is usually then that we wish to abandon the book, or change the channel. Struggles shape us and make our story worth telling. We all have to be the victim at some point. We don’t always get to win, but would you believe me if I told you that there is victory in defeat? Would you trust me if I told you it all works out in the end?

Keep Moving Forward

What qualifies me to assure you that everything will turn out alright? I have spent my fair share of days as the damsel in distress. I have been puny, pathetic, and I have a Ph.D in pain. Past bouts with depression give me the ability to appreciate what most people would perceive as boring. The times that I have dribbled disappointment down the court have allowed me to sit on the sideline of the game with delight. Much like me, you are probably wondering, “Where is she going with this?” I really don’t know our destination, but my hope is to infuse you with determination to KEEP GOING.

Believe No Matter What

Your story isn’t over. It is only being rewritten. Allow the Master to not just AUTHOR, but to FINISH the story of your faith. When I watch documentaries of dynamic people, there is always a common thread; they believe in themselves when they have every reason to quit. They manage to muster up the courage to keep going when every voice in Hell screams “Stay stuck!” There is a big difference in “being still and knowing that He is God,” and being still because you are paralyzed by fear. Are you willing to be the underdog who believes no matter the circumstance?


Something More

Identify what has imprisoned you, so you can get out on parole. Notice I said parole; because, emotions are like our legal system. If you don’t completely transform then there is no real reform. Good behavior can only go so far until something bad occurs. We all reach a point in life when we need something more. I’ve spent much of my life craving a new identity, occupation, and location. I don’t know a single person who can create this alternate reality for themselves. We must seek freedom within our hearts and minds. Daily I need a Savior to rescue me from myself. He is the only one who can set me free from my concentration camp of chaos. Before Christ, I could mispronounce a word and dwell on it for weeks. If I did something wrong the guilt and shame ate me alive.


What about you? Who do you run toward to find relief from pain? I used to run to perfectionism. Now I can run to Christ with my imperfections. Think about your favorite underdog stories of everyday nobodies who became somebodies, or people in the bible. How where they set free from the circumstances that oppressed them? Please share in the comments below so that others can be encouraged by your story, or their tale of triumph over trial.


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