Navigating Your Now

What an odd topic for a self proclaimed professional procrastinator, to write about. Before you tune me out, take the time to lean in close. Deadlines don’t motivate me, they don’t matter until they are here. Where is here? Here is now? Procrastinators are actually quite skilled at navigating their now. Once the power of panic kicks in and they realize now is all that they have, they do what they should have been doing all along.

Navigating Your Now

The past is in the past.

The future does not exist.

Now is all you have.

What will you do with it?

If you put now off until later,

It is no longer now.

Now is all you have.

What will you allow?

Will you stay angry at that loved one;

Who hurt you in the past?

Will you squander now with worry?

“How long will this pain last?”

Will you contaminate your now;

Thinking of what happened then?

Will you count your current blessings,

Or focus on past sin?

What if I told you now was magic,

It could make all your pain go away.

Just imagine if that person were dying.

What words would you say?

Would you say, “I forgive you,”

Or perhaps “I apologize?”

Would you seize the moment,

Or go seek someone to advise?

Each day we waste our now by refusing to forgive.

Navigating your now is the only way to truly live.

What will you do with it?

How will you navigate your now? Is there someone you need to apologize to? Is there someone you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself? If so, this is one area in which I would hate for you to procrastinate because tomorrow is never promised. Now is all you have. Navigate wisely.


4 thoughts on “Navigating Your Now

  1. Your piece is a very interesting take on “Procrastination” indeed. It is true that we need to live in the “now.” The age of cell phone has taken away much from the now. We don’t see much any more because we are too busy looking on the screen in public, in the taxi, on the train, even in church. But I got it. If you have to forgive, do it now. If you have to give flowers, do it now. Tomorrow is promised to no one. There is an irony here–if we do things in the now, what happens to procrastination?


    1. Procrastination will indeed become a thing of the past if we apologize in the now. Oh how I love life’s irony. As much as I procrastinate this is the one area in which I pray to be more punctual. Can’t say that I always apologize promptly but it is truly the deepest desire.Thanks for your taking the time to read the overflow of my heart.

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  2. Toya, I’m just now slowing down enough to read your post. I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the world these past couple of days and my quiet time has suffered and therefore my spirit has begun to wilt.

    I am in Nashville helping my oldest son, Jase, and my daughter-in-law, Anna, prepare for a Christmas Home Tour. We have been working frantically for the past month or more . I forgot how much work it is to do something like this!

    Anyway, I’m still in Nashville staying in an air-bnb with Jase and Anna this weekend. They are staying here so they will NOT mess up their house while it is on tour! Lol! I say all of this leading to the fact that I went to bed hurt and somewhat angry at Anna last night. It hurts my heart that I allowed the devil to dangle the fruit of offense in front of me and I took the bait!

    Thank you for reminding me that “now is all that matters”. I will be kissing my sweet Anna’s face this morning and thanking her for loving me and my family well.

    I love you Toya. You feed my soul with your gift.



    1. My Beloved Valerie,

      The transparency of your comment refreshes me. The devil is defeated. His forbidden fruit of offense failed this time for sure. Thank you for sharing what was hidden in the quiet place of your heart. Your friendship is like a well nurtured garden that adds beauty to my life in every season. Enjoy your time in Nashville! Airbnb are my favs!


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